In the field of cosmetology, we often hear about glycerin. There are several reasons for this. Face, body and hair benefit from its many benefits.

What is glycerin?

What is it used for in cosmetics?

The answer in this article.

Glycerin: Definition

Also called “glycerol”, glycerin is a transparent and odorless liquid present in all oils, whether of vegetable or animal origin.

It is well known in the soap industry, since it participates in the chemical reaction which allows the manufacture of soap: saponification.

It is hygroscopic, that is, it is able to retain moisture. It is also water soluble, which means it dissolves in water.

The properties of glycerin in cosmetology

Due to its humectant and emulsifying properties, glycerin is widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics and is suitable for all skin types.

The benefits of glycerin

Glycerin is hydrating
Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, it retains and attracts moisture. Able to retain several times its weight in water, it acts as a protective barrier that both retains skin hydration and prevents dehydration.

Glycerin is emollient

In ancient Greek, “glykerós” means “sweet”. Its use makes the skin and hair soft and supple thanks to its film-forming effect and its surfactant action. The comfort is immediate, the skin is soothed and no longer feels tight!

Glycerin is protective

By forming an occlusive film on the surface of the skin, it strengthens the skin barrier. The epidermis is then protected from external aggressions: pollution, bacteria, etc.

Glycerin is healing

Glycerin has a stimulating action on tissue regeneration, repair and healing, as it stimulates collagen synthesis.

An outstanding asset

You will have understood, glycerin is an active ingredient that has only advantages for the skin. Convenient to the most sensitive skin, it is a versatile asset that has multiple benefits.

This is why it is found in the majority of cosmetic products: shampoos and masks, soaps and shower gels, moisturizing creams for the body and for the face, lip balms, toothpaste, cleansing, etc.

At Grangettes Switzerland, Swiss cosmetic brand with reliable and conscientious design labeled “PETA Cruelty Free and Vegan”, we use 100% vegetable glycerin.