Black points: good and bad gestures

For many people, blackheads are a plague; they are part of the small imperfections of the skin that we would like to see disappear. But it is sometimes difficult to get rid of it and this sometimes leads to inappropriate actions that only make the situation worse. However, there are effective and non-aggressive methods to overcome it. Before knowing what are the right gestures to favor, it is useful to know exactly what a blackhead is and how it is formed.

Blackheads or comedones: where do they come from?

A comedone is an imperfection of the skin, formed by an accumulation of sebaceous matter or sebum (cutaneous fat) which clogs a pore of the skin. The excess sebum produced, added to the impurities that enter the pore, forms a plug called a comedo.

A comedone can be open or closed. When a thin layer of skin appears over the plug, the accumulated sebum forms a small white dot called a closed comedo. This is a microcyst that can become inflamed and painful.

On the other hand, the air that comes into contact with the comedo produces an oxidation which gives it a black color, hence its name open comedo or blackhead. These blackheads measure from 1 to 3 mm and are mainly located on the fatty areas of the face, specifically the T zone, at the level of the nose, forehead and chin; but they can also appear on the back and in the ears.

Thus, there are two kinds of blackheads:

  • the open comedone that appears with acne, caused by the accumulation of sebum and which turns black by oxidation;
  • the blackhead caused by dilated pores that are clogged with pollution and all kinds of impurities.

The causes of the appearance of blackheads

Several causes are responsible for the appearance of blackheads, some of which could be corrected.

Hormonal changes

Increased sebum production can be caused by hormonal changes that play a role in the condition of the skin: puberty, menopause or taking the pill can lead to increased sebum production.

skin type

Oily and combination skin often has dilated pores and quite a lot of sebum production.

comedogenic cosmetics

Some beauty products, called comedogenic, contain a lot of fatty substances; they can clog pores and cause blackheads to appear.

A poor diet

Dairy products and fast sugar, consumed in too large quantities and added to a state of stress, can also be factors responsible for too much sebum production.

Should blackheads be pierced?

When the blackhead is there and we see it in the morning in our mirror, the first solution that comes to mind is to squeeze it to extract it. However, this is not exactly the right technique to use. Since fingers and nails are carriers of germs, you risk infecting the pore and making the situation worse. Redness may appear and the comedone may become infected, especially if you have not completely emptied the pore.

If, in spite of all, it is urgent to remove this black point that disfigures you, respect the rules of hygiene: prepare your skin with a hot towel, disinfect the epidermis as well as your hands, put a handkerchief between your fingers and the skin to prevent contamination.

As we will see, it is best to use cosmetic care to limit their appearance rather than try to extract them once they are there.

How to avoid blackheads

Adopting good daily hygiene habits and using quality cosmetic products will help minimize the appearance of blackheads.

A daily facial care routine

Impeccable hygiene and daily cleansing of the face are essential. Indeed, pollution, dust, makeup residues are likely to clog pores and cause comedones. It will be important to use products adapted to your skin, soft and of quality. In the morning, cleanse your skin well with a sponge, and in the evening, remove make-up from your face before going to bed so that your skin can breathe. Also remember to moisturize your face morning and evening with a specific product.

Weekly facial exfoliation

In your anti-blackhead routine, exfoliation is a priority. The exfoliating action will eliminate comedones, refine the texture of your skin and tighten pores by accelerating cell regeneration. In order to absorb sebum and remove all dead skin, it is recommended to perform gentle scrubs and masks once or twice a week. For the face, the best will be a chemical or very fine grain peeling which respects the skin while being effective.

The Barns solution: The gel purifying triple action face

Face purifying gel Grangettes Switzerland offers three simultaneous actions: it cleans, moisturizes and exfoliates the skin of the face.

Tested dermatologically, it is certified hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skins. For optimal efficiency, it is recommended to apply it on the face for a minute morning and evening and rinse it with water.

Thanks to its natural active ingredients (papaye, coconut and wheat protein), it cleanses your epidermis by purifying it, exfoliates and cleanses the pores with its decanting action and improves the elasticity of the skin by thoroughly moisturizing it.

To fight against blackheads, there is no miracle solution, but common sense and impeccable hygiene. Banish overly aggressive gestures that consist of piercing these ugly little blackheads with more or less clean fingers and nails, which will only aggravate your problem. Adopt a daily beauty care routine with quality products adapted to your skin type. In general, as for all dermatological problems, we advise you to eat a healthy and balanced diet, to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day and to play sports. Your skin will only feel better.