Bisabolol is an active principle still little known to the general public. However, it has very interesting virtues as a pharmaceutical or cosmetic ingredient. As such, more and more products integrate bisabolol into their formulations, all sectors.

In this article, we detail this wonderful ingredient: origins, properties and uses.

The origin of bisabolol

Also called “levomenol” or “(L)-alpha bisabolol”, bisabolol is found in its natural state in many plants: wild chamomile (chamomile recutita), Beilsehmiedia costaricensis (tropical tree), the bark of Candeia (Vanillosmopsis erythropappa, Brazilian endemic tree), Salvia runcinata (variety of sage), Anemia tomentosa (type of fern), Pogostemon (family of aquatic plants), etc.

For purists, it is precisely a “unsaturated monocyclic saquiterpenic alcohol”. It is obtained through the distillation of some essential oils, such as wild camomile.

Sensory of bisabolol: texture, smell, color

Bisabolol has an oily and liquid texture. It is colourless (or sometimes very pale yellow) and has a very slight flowery smell. Its texture also promotes absorption of certain molecules and other active substances.

The properties of bisabolol

Bisabolol and cosmetology

Bisabolol is the ally of sensitive and weakened skin, since it is renowned for its healing, soothing, restorative, softening, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is often incorporated into creams, balms and oils: chapped lip care, after-sun milks, after-shave lotions, hand and foot creams, and even baby cosmetics due to its mildness and its non-toxic!

bisabolol and health

On the health side, bisabolol has also proven itself, in particular thanks to its ability to act against bacterial proliferation and certain types of fungi (eg candida albicans). It is thus found in certain oral and dental products intended to fight against halitosis (bad breath phenomenon) or gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). Scientists are now looking into other of its properties, in particular the protection of neurons and the stomach.

Grangettes Switzerland et le bisabolol

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