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For the sensitive skins And tired, the caffeine in cosmetics is a great ally! Discover all its benefits, and in what treatments you can find it.


And at caffeine is well known for its stimulating effects on the body, it is less known that it is also used in cosmetics, to take care of exhausted skin ! However, caffeine has many on the other hand secrets for your epidermis. So how does she take care of you? In which products can you find it?


Zoom in on this asset who wishes you well!

Laure-Anne Graf
Laure-Anne Graf
Co-director @ Grangettes Switzerland
summary of the article

Where is caffeine found?

The caffeine is a molecule (an alkaloid) found in more than sixty plant species, such as coffee, tea, guarana, or even mate.

In what products is caffeine found in cosmetics?

The caffeine is used as active in cosmetics in different treatments:

  • THE slimming care : caffeine reduces the appearance of cellulite and facilitates the dissolution of fatty deposits;
  • THE toning treatments, because caffeine has virtues energizing for tired skin;
  • THE gels and serums for the eye area, because it has decongestant effects and draining;
  • THE anti-aging care, because it has anti-oxidant properties.

    Who is caffeine ideal for?

    The use of caffeine is ideal for:

    • THE sensitive, dry skin ;
    • Skin prone to redness, To acne ;
    • People who have dark circles, of the pockets before their eyes and who seek to to decongest this zone ;
    • People who have Orange peel, from cellulite.

    The caffeine is compatible with all the products of your daily routine skin care.

    The soothing effects of caffeine on the skin

    Thanks to its properties tranquilizers And anti-inflammatories, caffeine is ideal if you have redness on the skin, or if you are sensitive to irritation. It is the ally of sensitive and overly dry skin, and allows you to fight against the effects of struggle which often accompany fall and winter temperature drops.

    An ideal active ingredient for the eye area

    Thanks to its draining effects, the caffeine in cosmetics is widely used in eye contour serums. Indeed, in this area of ​​the face, the skin is fragile and sensitive: it needs gentle care, which activates the circulation sanguine. THE draining properties of caffeine make it possible to reduce the water retention, and avoid dark circles, swelling and bags.

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    This vascular toner, helps you decongest the eye area, for a more complexion tonic. This natural ingredient is appreciated for its illuminating and revitalizing power: it tightens the skin under the eye to improve its elasticity.

    The anti-aging effects of caffeine

    And at caffeine is so appreciated in cosmetics, it is also for its anti-aging effects. The caffeine delays the formation of wrinkles and fine lines premature and slows down skin aging. It contains polyphenols, which offer powerful properties antioxidants. This makes it a good anti-aging ingredient which reduces the photo-induced aging.


    When used as a cream or serum, caffeine helps reduce the damage caused to the skin by UV rays and thus prevent the appearance of cancers due to solar exposures. His antioxidant actions And anti-inflammatories allow him accelerate the process of cell death whose DNA has been damaged by UV. It is this destruction that reduces the risk of developing skin cancer.

    Caffeine in cosmetics fights free radicals

    The caffeine allows us to fight against free radicals. It thus reduces their impact on the skin, and fights against dull complexion, pigment spots, sagging skin...

    The anti-cellulite powers of caffeine

    Caffeine is a lipolytic active found in many slimming products. When applied to the skin, it improves the microcirculation of blood vessels and stimulates the breakdown of fats. THE triglycerides (molecules which are part of the lipid category) stored in adipocytes (fats) are then broken down. To combat dimpling, the aspects Orange peel, and find perfectly clean skin smooth and firm, the caffeine in cosmetics is therefore a major ally.


    But that’s not all: caffeine is capable of stimulating the lymphatic drainage systems in the subcutaneous tissue. This helps eliminate accumulated fats and toxins that appear during lipolysis.


    Apply the treatment in massaging the area, with a cream, scrub or gel containing this magic ingredient. You thus reactivate the circulation sanguine to help burn fat and drain the part of the body where it is applied, in order to remove cellulite and firm the body.




    Keratolytic properties

    Caffeine has benefits keratolytics, which means that it promotes the elimination of dead cells and improve the appearance of the skin. It can thus be appreciated in certain cases acne.

    Grangettes and caffeine

    At the house of Grangettes Switzerland, we chose to use caffeine in our eye contour gel, for its powerful decongestant powers. This moisturizing treatment has a tightening effect which acts simultaneously on wrinkles, bags and dark circles. It reduces the effects of fatigue and sagging skin.


    Morning and evening, apply the treatment to clean, dry skin, thanks to small tappings from the inside to the outside.


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