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For appease your skin, escin in cosmetics is ideal. It is found in particular in care for eye area, for his powers decongestants. Focus on its many other benefits!


Escin is a cosmetic ingredient found in many cosmetic products for skin and hair. It is extracted from the bark of the horse chestnut tree and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries for its properties anti-inflammatory and strengthening. So, in what treatments can you find it? What are the benefits of escin in cosmetics ?


We tell you more!

Laurent Troillet
Laurent Troillet
Co-director @ Grangettes Switzerland
summary of the article

What is escin?

Escin is a plant compound obtained from the mixture of saponins contained in the seeds, bark and leaves of the chestnut tree. It is an ingredient of choice in cosmetics, appreciated for its functions astringent, soothing and refreshing. It promotes renewal cellular, stimulates the microcirculation sanguine, and relieves weakened and red areas. Its properties are ideal for helping the skin to regenerate after Sun exposure or after shaving.

For which skin types is escin ideal in cosmetics?

Escin is highly appreciated for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. In this sense, it is an ideal soothing ingredient for people who have sensitive, irritated skin prone to redness.


But that's not all : escin is also widely used to improve the circulation sanguine and reduce the bags under the eyes.




Less dark circles and bags

When used in skin care, escin acts like a anti-edematous. It thus reduces the swelling and inflammation of the skin, and allows you to effectively treat bags under the eyes. Thanks to these properties, it is also used to treat heavy legs and varicose veins.

A brighter complexion thanks to escin

Used in cosmetic products, escin improves the microcirculation sanguine, which helps you have a more complexion brighter, brighter, and to effectively reduce your dark circles.

Escin against free radicals

THE free radicals are considered to be one of the causes of tissue aging, and in particular the appearance of skin wrinkles. Thanks to his antioxidant properties, escin in cosmetics protected the epidermis against the damage caused by these free radicals, and helps you keep skin healthier young, more smooth !

Escin in hair products

Escin is widely used in care for hair, such as shampoos, conditioners, masks or even lotions.


This ingredient is an excellent hair tonic, which reinforces the hair structure and hair follicles. Furthermore, he stimulates hair growth and prevents their fall. Escin can also be a major ally in reducing itching of the scalp and soothe irritations. Their appearance is thus improved and they appear strengthened.




Grangettes Switzerland and escine

At the house of Grangettes Switzerland, an ethical cosmetics brand, we chose to use escin for our eye contour gel. This ingredient is used in synergy with caffeine, also known for its properties decongestant and smoothing.

The floral water of matricaria recutita (blue chamomile) is also used in the composition of our eye contour gel : this plant has soothing and relaxing properties for the skin, as well as properties anti-inflammatories.


To fight against wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, you can count on hyaluronic acid and the vitamin b3. The latter improves skin texture by reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles.


The composition of our eye contour gel, like all the products that make up our care range, excludes harmful products such as phenoxyethanol, parabens, silicones, pegs, irritants, allergens, comedogenic ingredients, petroleum-derived ingredients, endocrine disruptors, pollutants, or even products of animal origin. Our care is certified PETA Cruelty free and Vegan, which guarantees the absence of animal testing at all stages of manufacturing (raw materials and finished products).

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