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The body milk is an integral part of a beauty routine. He ensures good skin hydration, and nourishes it deeply, day after day.


So, how to choose your body care? What ingredients should you look for to make sure you choose one? body lotion effective ? How to choose your moisturizer based on your skin type?


We tell you everything!

Jérôme Bessard
Jérôme Bessard
Co-director @ Grangettes Switzerland
summary of the article

The benefits of milk for the body

The body milk has many advantages. First of all, it deeply hydrates your skin: if you have rough, dry skin that feels tight or burns and scratches under your clothes, apply a hydratant soap every time you get out of the shower will not fail to soothe you. This type of treatment protects the skin from drying out skin, irritation, redness and imperfections.


The rule to remember? A beautiful skin is a hydrated skin ! The hydration you give it daily guarantees its suppleness and elasticity, but also its ability to properly protect, regenerate and repair itself. When the epidermis is well fed, healing is better, and your smoother skin !



Criteria for choosing the right body milk

For choose your body milk carefully, several criteria must be taken into consideration:

  • THE assets : opt for a milk that contains moisturizing active ingredients, as l'hyaluronic acid or the vegetable squalane. These ingredients intensely hydrate your epidermis and soothe him;
  • The texture : for your comfort, opt for a body lotion which has a non-greasy feel, which does not shine, and which penetrates quickly thanks to its fluid texture ;
  • THE certifications : opt for a body milk certified by PETA Cruelty Free and Vegan. You can therefore be certain that no ingredient has been subject to animal testing. A real plus for an ethical and committed purchase;
  • The composition : turn to a body milk whose composition is clean. Avoid harmful or controversial ingredients, such as parabens, silicones, PEGs, irritants, allergens, comedogenic ingredients, petroleum derivatives, endocrine disruptors... To take care of your health, it’s essential!

A routine to take care of your skin all year round

The body milk can be used all year round. In summer, your skin, exposed to the sun and water from the sea or swimming pool all day, greatly needs to fight against drying out. For your summer beauty routine, milk, applied at the end of the day, hydrates your skin and instantly refreshes it, for an immediate feeling of well-being.


In winter, when temperatures drop, your skin also needs a nourishing care. Body lotion will help protect your skin from wind and cold, and help it stay soft and hydrated.


Every day, season after season, simply apply a dab of your moisturizer and spread it over all parts of the body. 



Body lotion: the ally of all skin types!

If body milk is the ally of dry and very dry skin, it is also very popular with normal skins. Indeed, if you have normal skin, maintain good body hydration every day allows you to prevent possible skin disorders.


THE dry skins, As for them, they need both water to rehydrate and fatty substances to regain all their softness. This is why you should opt for a nourishing body milk, enriched with oil or vegetable butter: these ingredients are real allies in the fight against dryness of the epidermis. If you have sensitive skin, they will nourish your body and keep irritation away. If your skin is very dry, and you want to optimize results, you can apply your body milk morning and evening !


You have the oily skin ? You must also monitor your hydration and nutrition. By choosing your body milk carefully, you will be able to regulate sebum of your skin while protecting areas that are naturally drier, such as legs, knees, elbows...

Strengthen your skin barrier

If you have a atopic skin, your epidermis reacts poorly to drought and aggression. You feel tingling, itching, sometimes even flaking or eczema. When you have atopic skin, the skin barrier is more fragile and takes longer to rebuild. To be strengthened and reconstituted, it therefore needs a body milk which deeply nourishes the epidermis. You will therefore have to turn to a body treatment that contains a nourishing complex and vegetable oils or butters: these instantly relieve burning and itching sensations.



Body milk VS body cream

The body cream often has the disadvantage of leaving a greasy and sticky film on the skin. Body milk, on the other hand, is easier to apply: it has a much more fluid texture, which allows it to be quickly absorbed by the epidermis. It leaves a subtle, non-greasy veil, for immediately soft skin!

Grangettes body milk

To take care of your skin daily, the Grangettes regenerating body milk takes place in your beauty routine! After the shower, on clean and dry skin, apply a hazelnut by massaging to penetrate the body milk.  

regenerating body milk
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This soothing body treatment contains micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid, which maintains the integrity of the skin structure and regulates its hydration. Its soothing active ingredients such as betaine (beetroot) and Allantoin (comfrey) nourish and relieve the itching, and improves the appearance of the skin, making it softer, more supple and more resistant.


The body care Grangettes Switzerland is real protection for your skin barrier, whether you have normal, dry or very dry skin! Its non-greasy and fluid texture leaves your skin soft, and penetrates quickly.


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